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  • Erin Norberry

Empowering the Community: The Benefits of Choosing Local Hotels in Nelson, BC

A short trip to Nelson BC reveals two endearing Nelsonite traits: first, they have a charming entrepreneurial spirit, and second, they have a strong “think local” attitude. Nelsonites are passionate about promoting their local businesses, whether it’s a small coffee roastery or a café, a brewery or a pub, a clothing boutique or an outdoors store, a farmers’ market, an art gallery, a ski resort, a bed and breakfast, or a hotel. This initiative unites locals, highly espoused by the town council, trickling down to families and even immigrants.

If you’re planning a vacation in Nelson BC, adopt the Nelsonite “think local” mindset and book your stay at a local hotel. Here are three reasons why:

1. Signature Nelsonite hospitality

Staying in a local hotel is akin to being welcomed to a resident’s home. They call you by your name; they handpick your sheets, toiletries, and even your morning coffee; they give you excellent travel recommendations; and if need be, they can wake you up at 4 in the morning so that you don’t miss your early hike call time.

2. Small businesses are the backbone of Nelson’s economy

Nelson is home to 1,300 registered businesses, which is a lot for a town of its size. These businesses generate valuable taxes to fund essential services that sustain the community. Not only that, but they are also at the forefront of fundraisers and donation drives in times of calamities and other needs.

3. You encourage a culture that is rooted in communal support

There aren’t that many activities as rewarding as traveling. You get to make new memories, experience new things, and meet new people; you make discoveries about the world and often, even about yourself; and you come home feeling recharged and rejuvenated even if you had to endure a 12-hour drive. What gives the greatest sense of fulfillment, however, is being able to make an impact in the locale that you visited, whether in small or grand ways. Choosing to stay in a local hotel in Nelson BC is a simple but impactful gesture—you become part of a culture that highlights communal support. And when you travel back to Nelson and see their community spirit vibrant as ever, you get to say, “I played a part in that. I made that possible.”

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