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  • Erin Norberry

Lodging Options in Nelson, BC: Hotels, Airbnbs, and Alternative Accommodations

Nelson, BC, a tiny town as it may be, has a robust reputation in the world of travel for being incomparably authentic. It showcases an eclectic mélange of characters and personalities, composed not only of its locals and traversing foreigners, but also of its art, architecture, food, businesses, and sprawling nature. The choices of accommodation in Nelson BC are just as diverse—swanky hotel rooms, budget inns, hippie hostels, boutique bed and breakfast, mountain cabins, and even campgrounds and RV parks.


The hotel options in Nelson BC range from 2-star budget hotels to 5-star luxury hotels. If you like the convenience of having a bellhop, room service, or housekeeping but do not want to break the bank, you may want to consider Kokanee Glacier Resort, North Shore Inn, and Villa Motel. If it’s indulgence that you’re going for, Hume Hotel & Spa, Blaylock’s Mansion, and Lodgen Lodge are some of the most popular upscale hotels in Nelson. AirBnb

The past five years have seen the rise of short-term rentals in Nelson BC. These short-term rentals, also known as “home-sharing” and “vacation rentals”, are usually listed on the online marketplace platform AirBnb. Travelers express a preference to AirBnb for its cost, privacy, and the added charm of getting a glimpse into a Nelsonite’s home. Some of the properties you’ll find on AirBnb are lakeside and mountain cabins, charming heritage homes, and camping RVs.

Other Types of Accommodation

“Spoilt for choice” just might be the appropriate phrase for travelers looking for the perfect accommodation in Nelson BC. Travelers yearning to wake up to astounding views each morning can opt for mountain, lakeside, or beach houses. Couples on a romantic Nelson BC getaway can book a charming boutique bed and breakfast. On the other hand, tourists who wish to meet fellow wanderers, or big groups looking to save money, can choose from several hostels in town. Campers and true-blue outdoorsy travelers will enjoy communing with nature in RV parks and campgrounds.

Whatever kind of traveler you are, you’ll find your dream accommodation in Nelson BC—all you have to do now is to book it.

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